4 Air Conditioner Noises That You Should Never Ignore

The daytime highs in Suffolk, Virginia, have already broken the 90-degree mark. To combat the scorching temperatures, most homeowners have turned on their air conditioners for the cooling season. Do you hear strange sounds coming from your unit? Don’t wait to get them checked out. Here are four air conditioner noises that you should never ignore:


Unless you have your stereo’s bass turned up, banging is never a good sign of anything. A banging sound in your air conditioner can signal numerous issues. The most common cause of banging is a loose fan blade in the compressor. A professional service technician should tighten it as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


Hissing is another sound that could indicate a range of issues in your air conditioner. If you hear hissing coming from your AC system, you could have faulty or worn seals in your ductwork. A high-pitched hiss usually means there’s a problem with the refrigerant. Turn off your AC system, and schedule an air conditioner repair right away.


Contrary to popular belief, a loose fan blade in your compressor won’t make a rattling sound. If you hear rattling in your air conditioner, it’s probably because there are loose screws or bolts in it. These loose items can cause other parts in your AC system to vibrate and sustain damage. Have a professional inspect your AC system immediately.


When you drive a car and hear a squeal, what do you think is the problem? That’s right: It’s usually a loose or defective belt. That same goes for your air conditioner. Like cares, air conditioning systems use belts. When they become worn, they start to squeal and cause efficiency issues. A service technician can help tighten or replace your belts.

If your air conditioner is doing more than quietly humming as it operates, it probably isn’t running as it should. Contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling at (757) 500-8724 to find where the sound is coming from and repair the issue.

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