If you’re looking for a way to lower your carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort, consider installing a geothermal HVAC system in your home. Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling specializes in performing geothermal HVAC installations, and we’re a family-owned business that focuses on providing exceptional customer service. We can help you optimize your home’s energy usage so that you can reduce your environmental impact.

How a Geothermal HVAC System Works

A geothermal HVAC solution can provide your home with cooling, heating and even hot water. What distinguishes a geothermal system from any other HVAC unit is that it doesn’t depend on fossil fuels. The Earth’s crust stores low-grade geothermal energy. A geothermal HVAC system uses it to heat and cool your home. The ground loop in a geothermal HVAC system collects energy from or releases it into the ground. The configurations of a geothermal HVAC system follow the same principle: They exchange heat between a fluid and the ground. The most common configurations are open and closed-loop systems.

Low-grade geothermal energy is a clean and renewable source of energy. Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling can assess your property and help you determine which type of geothermal unit would be the best fit.

Professional Geothermal HVAC Installations, Repair and Maintenance

Picking and installing the perfect geothermal HVAC system for your property requires professional assistance. At Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling, our service technicians are experienced in installing all four types of geothermal HVAC systems.

  • Vertical closed loop systems don’t require a lot of land, and they have a minimal impact on landscaping. It’s the ideal system for homeowners in Virginia.
  • Horizontal closed loop systems require more land and can interfere with landscaping. They aren’t suitable in rocky soils like those in Virginia.
  • Pond loop systems don’t involve a lot of drilling or digging, but you’ll need a pond that has enough depth and volume. It’ll also need to have good water quality.
  • Open loop systems require a clean supply of water nearby, and some areas don’t allow their installation. We can help you figure out if that’s the case for you.

Virginia’s Best Geothermal HVAC Service Provider

Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling cares about the environment, and we also care about helping our customers maximize energy efficiency and savings. We offer our professional geothermal services to these and the surrounding areas in Virginia:

Are you interested in learning more about geothermal energy? Do you already own a geothermal HVAC system that requires repair or maintenance? Contact the geothermal experts at Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling today. We perform emergency services.

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