Home Automation Zoning and Wireless Thermostats in Suffolk, Chesapeake, VA and Surrounding Areas

The HVAC industry has embraced technology and made significant advancements over the last few decades. Since 1995, Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling has helped homeowners take advantage of the best HVAC innovations available to reduce their energy consumption and save money. Home automation zoning is the next step forward in the HVAC revolution, and installing this type of system in your home will provide you with greater control over your comfort for years to come. If you want to transform your house into a smarter 21st century home, let Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling help.


Home Automation Zoning

No one knows your house better than you. You know some rooms in your home feel hotter or colder than others, and you use some spaces often while others only occasionally. With home automation zoning, you can divide your house into multiple zones and gain more control over how you heat and cool each square inch it. For example, you can turn off the air conditioning or heating in rooms you rarely use without making other parts of the house feel uncomfortable. Instead, you can direct that extra heating or cooling power to other spaces in your home that need it and improve its overall comfort.

Here are the most significant benefits of home automation zoning:

  • Save energy by not heating or cooling empty rooms.
  • Customize your comfort by setting the exact temperature you want in the room you’re occupying.
  • Avoid hot and cold spots by directing heated or cooled air where you need it most.

Advanced Controls and Thermostats

When your loved ones are at work or in school, your house sits empty for many hours each day. With a programmable thermostat, you can avoid wasting energy heating or cooling your home. For example, you can pre-set temperatures for every day of the week and program the thermostat to turn the air conditioner or heater off when you leave for work. It can then turn on and return your home to a more comfortable temperature before you get home. As a result, you increase your savings without sacrificing comfort.

If you want even more control over your comfort, install a wireless thermostat in your home. You can use your smartphone to adjust a wireless thermostat from anywhere in the world. So if you plan to return home earlier or later than anticipated, you can tweak your thermostat on the go to ensure you walk into a comfortable home anytime.

Virginia’s Home Automation Specialists

Don’t waste energy and money by living in the 20th century. If you live in one of these or the surrounding communities in Virginia, we can help transform your home:

Do you want to learn more about the HVAC industry’s latest technological innovations and how they’re helping homeowners reduce their carbon footprint? Contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling today for expert advice and excellent service.

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