Beware of These 3 Indoor Allergens that May Be Lurking Inside Your Home

Indoor allergens can lurk in your home in Suffolk, Virginia. They can cause symptoms from sneezing and congestion to exacerbated asthma. Maintaining high indoor air quality is important for your health, especially if you suffer from allergies. Here are some common indoor allergens to watch for and eliminate:

Dust Mites

These tiny mites thrive in humid and dusty places. They feed on dead skin flakes shed by humans and animals. People, in turn, are commonly allergic to the mites’ dead bodies and droppings when these tiny particles enter the air. Keep dust mite populations low by maintaining proper humidity levels and cleaning areas where they live like dust in bedrooms and bedding.


Cockroaches can live in homes by surviving on food crumbs and water from leaky pipes. As if sharing your kitchen with these large scuttling insects wasn’t bad enough on its own, they’re also the cause of allergic symptoms. Many people react to particles from cockroach feces and dead bodies. Keep food packed securely away, clean up immediately after cooking and schedule professional HVAC maintenance.


Pets make a house a home. But unfortunately, many people are allergic to the dander from the skin of cats or dogs. If you suffer from allergic symptoms, it’s important to reduce exposure. If your allergies are bad enough, consider a species of pet you’re not allergic to. Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, traces can be tracked in from other people’s pets. A dedicated indoor air quality system will help keep the dander out of your airways.

If you suffer from indoor allergies, it’s important to keep your home’s air as clean as possible. Call Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling to learn how to improve your indoor air quality. We’ll find the right solution to help you reduce and eliminate indoor allergens.

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