Commercial HVAC System Upgrades to Consider in Chesapeake, VA

When you manage or own a commercial building, you must ensure everyone in the building stays comfortable. If the space gets too hot, it can be unsafe and hard to work in the building. Here are the best commercial HVAC system upgrades to consider to maintain a comfortable climate in your Chesapeake, VA, property:

Install More Vents or Fans

Consider installing more vents or fans. More vents or fans will allow you to generate more airflow in areas where moisture can build up or it gets too warm. You also need to replace any damaged air ducts.

Replace the Motors

Replacing the motors on an older HVAC system can allow it to operate more quietly, so your employees can focus on their work without any distractions. A service technician can install a Variable Frequency Drive or VFD to make sure the appliance only distributes the air when needed. Over time, this can improve the energy efficiency in the building without compromising the comfort of everyone inside.

Install New Filters

One of the most important steps of proper HVAC maintenance is changing the filters every few weeks or months to promote proper airflow. When the filters become clogged and dirty, they can cause the parts to work harder than necessary to operate.

Dirty filters can affect the airflow in the building and affect the indoor air quality. As the system works harder, it can lead to more repairs throughout the year.

Understanding the best commercial upgrades to perform is essential to improving HVAC efficiency in your building each season. Call us today at Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling to talk to one of our team members about performing HVAC upgrades on your commercial property in Chesapeake, VA. We’re happy to help boost your business and assist you in succeeding.

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