Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With HVAC Thermostats

Your thermostat contributes significantly to your comfort by communicating your temperature preferences to your heating system. You could be misusing the device daily, increasing the heating costs and strain on your heater. Read on to learn some common mistakes homeowners in Suffolk, VA, make with their HVAC thermostats.

Installing Your Thermostat in the Wrong Location

A thermostat reads the indoor temperature and signals the heating system to turn on or off based on it. The device will read the wrong indoor temperatures if you install it near the kitchen or heat-generating appliances.

Consequently, it’ll send incorrect instructions to the heater, causing it to short-cycle. Short-cycling results in high energy bills since the compressor draws a lot of power when starting up. Consider installing the device away from the kitchen, heat-generating appliances or where it gets direct sunlight.

Using a Manual Thermostat

You must manually input the temperature levels you want with a manual thermostat. The device has no modern energy-saving features. On the other hand, a modern smart thermostat offers remote-control abilities, meaning you can control your heater’s performance even when away from home.

The modern device also records your data usage and offers suggestions on how you can improve your usage. These tips aim to lower your energy bill. The smart thermostat also learns with time how you like your indoor temperatures and set these temperatures automatically.

Cranking Up the Thermostat

You may come home to uncomfortably low temperatures and decide to crank up the thermostat. You may assume your heating system will cwarm your home faster when you crank up the thermostat, which isn’t true.

Your heater is responsible for the actual heating, not the thermostat. Your heating system only follows the thermostat instructions; hence, i’ll run longer to achieve the temperature on the thermostat.

Running for longer will increase your energy bill and stress your heating system. The increased stress on your unit’s parts will result in frequent breakdowns and repairs.

If your thermostat is operating inefficiently, reach out to Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling for exceptional repair and maintenance services for your HVAC thermostats and other indoor climate control systems.

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