3 Most Common Signs of HVAC Issues

Your HVAC system greatly impacts the comfort your Suffolk, Virginia, home. Between balancing your home’s humidity and controlling the temperature, HVAC systems play a lot of different roles. When issues arise with your system, it’s important to take care of them quickly so it can continue to run effectively. Here are the three most common signs of HVAC issues:

High Energy Bills

One of the most common signs of HVAC issues is suddenly high energy bills. Your HVAC system is often a major player when it comes to your electricity costs. An unexpected jump in bills can mean that there’s something going wrong with your system.

The issue could stem from multiple problems, ranging from leaks in the ductwork to low refrigerant levels. If you have a maintenance plan, a professional can usually catch issue before it becomes a serious problem. Otherwise, make sure to get an HVAC service technician out as quickly as possible to prevent lasting damage and higher energy bills.

Poor Airflow

The flow of air through your home keeps temperatures in check. Without good airflow, you’re looking at a stagnant and uncomfortable house.

Airflow issues can be related to problems like low refrigerant, blockages, leaks and many other problems. If you’re experiencing poor airflow, the first thing you should do is check your filter. If it’s clogged with dirt and grime, change it. You should see an improvement in your home comfort almost immediately. If that doesn’t fix it, get a service technician to assess your HVAC system.

Weird Smells

Your HVAC system can produce weird smells that point to a variety of issues. The most concerning is a sulfurous or rotten egg smell. If you start to smell this, shut off your system and call an expert immediately. This typically means a natural gas leak, which can be dangerous.

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