Signs of a Faulty Air Conditioner Blower Motor in Ashland, VA

Several components make up your air conditioner, and they work together to ensure your home’s temperature is at your preferred levels. As your AC blower motor is one of these components, you may notice a change in your air conditioner’s performance ifit breaks down. Here are signals that show your AC blower motor in Ashland, VA, is failing:

Reduced Airflow

Reduced airflow is usually one of the earliest indicators of a failing AC blower motor. Typically, the motor rotates a fan to push the conditioned air through vents throughout your house. When the blower motor fails, it cannot spin the fan well, meaning it can only propel a little bit of air through the ducts and vents.

A bad capacitor and dirt buildup can cause the motor to fail. Also, an aging motor can contribute to reduced airflow in your home. This is because as your air conditioner advances in age, the efficiency of its components drops.

Unusual Sounds

Bearing issues and damaged belts cause screeching or squealing noises. Loose and broken parts cause rattling, banging and clanking noises.

Turn off your air conditioning system immediately if you notice sounds with which you’re not familiar. The cause of the noise, such as loose belts, may damage the surrounding components if you fail to act promptly, resulting in costly AC repairs.

Proceed to contact our trained service technicians to check your AC system. From the assessment, they can advise whether to repair or replace your AC blower motor. In addition, scheduling routine maintenance can help prevent the recurrence of these problems.

High Energy Bills

The air conditioning part that uses the most energy is the blower motor. For this reason, if your blower motor is dirty, aging or has any other problems, it’ll consume more power than usual. Consequently, your cooling costs will go up.

If you’re using a single-speed motor or your motor is old, investing in a variable-speed motor is your best bet. A variable-speed model adjusts its speed and energy usage depending on your home’s cooling requirements.

Contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling for expert AC services. Our NATE-certified service technicians offer exceptional assistance to ensure you get maximum comfort in your house.

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