3 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repairs in Smithfield, VA

Heat pumps provide Smithfield, VA, homeowners with an efficient, versatile heating and cooling option. However, it can be frustrating when your heat pump breaks down. Here are three clues that you may need heat pump repairs:

Costlier Electric Bills

One of your heat pump’s most attractive features is the ability to use energy efficiently. When your system can no longer do this and your electric bills increase, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your heat pump.

Many different issues might lurk behind this problem. Perhaps your system has lost some of its refrigerant and needs it replaced, or perhaps a coil, compressor or fan doesn’t work properly. It’s an HVAC service technician’s job to find and fix the problem.

Short-Cycling Heat Pump

Short-cycling is one of the most serious problems that can afflict a heat pump. Normally, your heat pump should turn on and run until your home reaches the temperature you set on your thermostat. But when it short cycles, your heat pump will turn on and off before it can properly complete this process, causing inefficiencies and other problems.

Strange Heat Pump Noises

Often, your ears can be the best tools to discover problems with your heat pump. Heat pumps can make all kinds of unusual sounds when they’re in trouble, including hissing, banging and squealing. If you hear such noises, you’ll need heat pump repairs or maintenance to set things right.

For example, you might hear banging noises because of a loose fan blade. Or your system might start hissing if it doesn’t have enough refrigerant.

Be on the lookout for the many different threats to your heat pump’s functioning in Smithfield, VA. When you notice any of them, call our team at Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling and ask for our HVAC services, including heat pump repairs.

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