4 Signs You Need a New AC Installation in Suffolk, VA

Summer in Suffolk, VA, is hot. The heat and humidity can make your house uncomfortable. It’s important to have a reliable air conditioner to keep your home cool. The following signs indicate you may need a new AC installation:

AC System Blows Warm Air

If your air conditioner is running but blows warm air, contact a qualified service technician for help. The issue could be due to technical problems with the thermostat or the compressor, and an experienced service technician can accurately assess the situation and suggest an appropriate solution. However, if the warm air persists, consider replacing your old AC system with a new model.

AC System Produces Odd Noises

A well-functioning air conditioner shouldn’t scrape, squeal or grind whenever it’s operating. These noises could indicate a general aging issue or a problem with the system’s belt or other internal components. Ask your service technician if it’s time for a new AC installation.

Higher Energy Bills

Old AC systems are heavy energy consumers, and if your cooling bills have been abnormally high, it could indicate an old and inefficient AC system. Replacing your old system with a newer AC installation can reduce the amount of electricity consumed while keeping your house comfortable. In addition, new AC systems boast the latest energy-saving technology, which will lower your utility bills.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

An old air conditioner can fail to maintain good air quality due to its inability to filter dust and allergens. This may result from a lack of maintenance or an already inefficient air filter; installing a new AC system will help to improve air quality and make breathing easier. Newer AC systems utilize advanced filtration systems that are more effective in keeping your air clean by eliminating dust, pollen and other contaminants.

We understand the importance of keeping your home comfortable and healthy during the summer. Contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling for reliable AC installation services when you need a new air conditioner.

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