3 Signs You Need a New Commercial HVAC System in Suffolk, VA

We understand that your commercial HVAC system in Suffolk, VA, is a significant investment. Although you want to use it for as long as possible, there comes a time when replacing it is the cost-effective solution. Watch out for these tell-tale signs that indicate you need a new commercial HVAC system:

Higher Energy Costs

If you notice a drastic increase in your energy bills, it’s possible that your system needs a replacement. When your system isn’t efficient, it works harder to reach the desired temperatures, which means using more energy.

At times, you can attribute this to a lack of professional maintenance or timely repairs. It’s wise to contact an HVAC service technician before you start weighing the available options. They’ll inspect your system and let you know if they can resolve the issue or whether you need a new system.

Frequent Commercial HVAC Repairs

As your commercial HVAC system ages, its components experience wear and tear. And at some point, your system will require repairs. However, if you keep calling your service technician to fix your HVAC system every few days or weeks, installing a new unit is the most cost-effective solution.

Although it might seem like buying a new system is more expensive, in the end, the sum for the cost of repairs and parts will be huge. Instead of investing in another round of repairs, talk to an HVAC professional to see what options are available for you and what system will help boost your business.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air can affect the productivity of your employees, which in the end translates to lower output and profits. Your commercial HVAC system should keep the air in your building clean and easy to breathe.

If you notice unusual flu-like symptoms in your employees, it’s possible that your HAVC system is to blame. This is even more likely when you notice unusual odors coming from your system.

Is your commercial HVAC old and negatively impacting your employee’s health? Or is it demanding repairs too frequently? Contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling today to have a new, efficient and cost-effective commercial HVAC system installed at your business.

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