4 Signs You Need a New HVAC Unit in Ashland, VA

The components of your home’s HVAC system can last for only so many years. While regular maintenance helps to extend its life, you’ll need to replace it sooner or later. You can avoid future aggravation and inconvenience by reading this guide to learn four common signs that you need a new HVAC unit in Ashland, VA.

Your System is 10 to 15 Years Old

Most HVAC units have a useful lifespan between 10 and 15 years. But that’s only with regular maintenance. After that, they will become more expensive to repair.

With the phasing out of R22 refrigerant, it may be difficult or costly if your air conditioner needs a recharge. As your system ages, your cost of ownership will continue to grow as parts’ warranties expire, and your patience will likely be tested until your system finally calls it quits.

Your Energy Costs Continue to Skyrocket

As your HVAC units age, you may see your utility bills go up for no other apparent reasons, like extreme weather conditions. And if we do have a frigid winter or heatwave in the summer, you may be in for a real shock once your utility bills arrive. The efficiency of even the best-maintained units can drop from 5% to 10% as they age.

Your Unit Requires Frequent Repairs

Over the life of your HVAC system, you can expect a repair now and then. Preventive maintenance can help identify some problems before they turn into expensive major repairs. However, if your system needs one repair after another and requires expensive parts, your money may be better spent on a new HVAC unit.

Your Home Isn’t as Comfortable

If your home isn’t as warm or cool as it once was, it could be a sign that your HVAC system can’t handle the load anymore. It could be because of its age or improper installation. It’s crucial to always have your HVAC equipment installed by a professional.

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