3 Signs That You Need Urgent Heat Pump Repair

Does your home in Suffolk, Virginia, feel uncomfortably chilly? If so, your heat pump may not be doing its job anymore. With the temperatures dropping below freezing, a heat pump that’s showing signs of advanced age, making lots of unusual noise or causing high electric bills is concerning. While a heat pump that has been around longer than the manufacturer recommends might need replacing, in many cases an expert repair can solve the issue. Here are three signs you need an urgent heat pump repair:

Heat Pump is Showing Its Age

Like every other mechanical system, heat pumps won’t work as smoothly after they pass the age they were designed to last until. Your manufacturer will know whether your broken heat pump has reached a stage where it’s impractical to repair it due to age and wear. An aging heat pump may:

  • Cycle on and off frequently.
  • Use energy inefficiently.
  • Have wear and tear on many of its components.

You may choose to replace it rather than continually repair it or have it repeatedly break down.

Unusual Noises

Strange noises coming from your HVAC system are a cause for concern, especially when you also notice your heat pump isn’t keeping your home comfortable the way it should. Experts can diagnose and fix the cause of the problem so that your heat pump will soon be back in good working order.

Electric Bills Keep Increasing

A heat pump that seems like it doesn’t heat the air efficiently or effectively may have passed its best-by date or may just need repair. A repaired system or a new system that is more energy-efficient could make you more comfortable while also lowering your electric bills.

Whether your home has a failing heat pump or just needs the usual seasonal service, our team at Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling can help. Call us at (757) 500-8724 to schedule your urgent heat pump repair or regular maintenance now.

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