4 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution in Smithfield, VA

Indoor air pollution can become a significant issue in your Smithfield, VA, home. Exposing yourself to poor air quality over an extended period can cause health risks like respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Learn about some of the most common sources of indoor air pollution so you can take steps to breathe cleaner air in your house.

Tobacco Smoke

Cigarette smoke is the most dangerous indoor air pollutant. The smoke that comes from pipes or cigarettes contains thousands of chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic. While avoiding smoking is always the better move, only smoke outside your home if that isn’t an option.


Radium or uranium produces this dangerous gas, mostly from decomposing rocks and soil. The decaying radon releases dangerous radioactive particles. Inhaling these particles can infect your lung cells with harmful radiation.

Pet Dander

Pet dander comes from animal skin cells and is the leading source of pet allergies. Because of their microscopic form, you can inhale them easily, resulting in respiratory issues like asthma. When in contact with your skin, the chances of a skin rash or dermatitis are high.

Pet allergens may linger in the air longer than others. A regularly maintained HVAC system helps filter them, preventing their circulation in your home.


Old buildings have insulation fibers, ceiling tiles and roofing materials that contain asbestos. Tiny asbestos fibers enter your respiratory tract when you inhale them. Although the protective layer of mucus in your lungs naturally removes them, some can bypass it and enter your lungs.

These fibers expose you to a dangerous form of lung disease known as mesothelioma. Extended exposure to high levels of airborne asbestos leaves you vulnerable to asbestosis (scar tissue in the lungs). Hiring a professional to clean or remove asbestos when remodeling your home is paramount.

Don’t allow indoor air pollution to impact your household and quality of life. Contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling for professional indoor air quality services.

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