4 Steps to Ductless HVAC Troubleshooting in Ashland, VA

Ductless systems are durable and reliable pieces of HVAC equipment. But like any other mechanical device, they can develop problems. That’s especially true if you don’t maintain it regularly. If you’re an Ashland, VA, home or business owner who suspects your ductless system might need some repairs, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take before you call a professional. Read on to learn four simple methods for troubleshooting your ductless HVAC system.

Clean Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are an easy problem to fix. If you haven’t cleaned them in a while, complete this step first. Cleaning the filter in your ductless HVAC system will help it operate more efficiently. It’ll also improve your indoor air quality.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Although you should never try to fix an electrical problem on your own, you can take a quick trip to the circuit breaker to see if you can spot any issues. We only recommend checking the switches yourself. For anything beyond that, consult an certified HVAC professional or a qualified electrician.

Clear the Drain Line

Drain lines become clogged over time for a variety of reasons. No matter the cause, though, the fix is simple. Carefully pour a bit of vinegar into the drain line to dissolve the debris. If this doesn’t work, seek professional help.

Inspect the Compressor

Like a central air conditioner, every ductless system has an outdoor unit called the compressor. Inspect around the compressor to see if it’s dirty or has any debris stuck to it. If it does, use a hose to wash it off. Also, make sure the outdoor unit has at least a few feet of clearance around it. As a result, you’ll promote better airflow.

Is your ductless HVAC system experiencing performance problems lately? For ductless repair and maintenance services, contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling today.

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