Is It Time for a New Heat Pump in Chesapeake, VA?

Your heat pump is a piece of important heating equipment. Throughout the winter, you need to ensure it’s working well. Like every piece of equipment, heat pumps experience wear and tear. If yours has problems, you’ll need to replace it. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to purchase a new heat pump for your Chesapeake, VA, home:

More Than 15 Years Old

Heat pumps have an approximate service life of about 10 to 15 years. If yours is old, it’ll likely not run at its peak performance. Old heat pumps may run longer to keep you comfortable and waste a lot of energy. In case your heat pump is past this age, consider replacing it.

Increased Energy Bills

It’s possible to predict your home’s monthly energy bills. However, as your heat pump gets old, its parts become worn out and may be unable to perform as expected. The wear and tear make your system use more energy.

If you notice an increase in energy bills, yet you haven’t installed any other electric appliance, your heat pump might be the reason for the rise. If you’ve done repairs previously but the bills continue to rise, it’s high time you replaced it.

Strange Noises

Heat pumps aren’t entirely silent when operating. But if yours makes unfamiliar noises, there’s a problem with it. Through regular maintenance, a service technician can correct the problem by repairing the broken parts. If it continues to produce noises even after repairs, consider buying a new unit.

Inconsistencies in Heating

As heat pumps become old, they can’t perform as they should. If you notice inconsistencies in heating, such as less heated rooms or reduced comfort, your system is past its peak years.

Frequent Need for Repairs

Heat pumps may break down once in a while. However, a heat pump that breaks down too many times has a serious problem. Repairs to such a heating system may cost more or equal to a new unit’s price.

If you need a new heat pump installed, contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling. We’ll help find the best solution to your home heating needs.

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