4 Unusual Furnace Noises and Their Meanings

Typically, your furnace produces soft sounds while running normally. However, something may be wrong with your heating system if you notice abrupt sounds you’ve never heard before. Here are some alarming furnace noises and what they mean for homeowners in Suffolk, VA:


You may hear this noise when your heating system’s belts are loose or worn out. The sound is also common when your motor or motor shaft isn’t working properly. A professional can help fix any loose belts or malfunctioning parts.

While you may want to fix loose belts by yourself, it’s not a good idea because you may end up causing damage to the motor. On the other hand, a professional with multiple years of experience working on furnaces can fix the belt accurately.


This sound is common when the furnace starts. Dirt may clog your igniter, interfering with its functions. As a result, gas builds up before the igniter manages to light it.

When the gas eventually ignites, you’ll hear a popping sound. If the gas accumulates in large amounts, you’ll hear a banging sound instead. Scheduling a maintenance appointment can help you avoid this problem. A service technician will clean all your furnace’s parts to ensure they function correctly.


For older heating systems, this noise could be due to dry blower bearings. The bearings require lubrication to restore the system to optimal performance.


Your furnace may produce a rumbling noise after completing a cycle. This noise means the fuel is still burning despite the burners shutting down.

This problem puts you and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Turn the system off and call a heating repair professional right away.

Having your furnace checked as soon as you notice unusual noises helps to prevent expensive repairs and reduced comfort. Contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling for professional heating services. We will identify the source of the noise and fix it before more damage occurs.

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