When Should You Replace Your HVAC Thermostat in Suffolk, VA?

An HVAC thermostat might not seem like a major component. It plays a significant role in the heating and cooling of your Suffolk, VA, home, though. If your thermostat experiences issues, your HVAC system might not turn on or off at the right times, putting extra stress on your system. Here’s when you should replace your old HVAC thermostat with a new model:

Incorrect Temperature Readings

If your home seems warm or cool to you but the thermostat indicates otherwise, you might need to replace it. To check its accuracy, compare its reading with that of a portable indoor thermometer. If the readings are different, schedule a consultation to determine if a new HVAC thermostat installation is the right course of action.

Temperature Swings

Since broken thermostats can’t provide accurate readings, your home may swing back and forth between being too hot and too cold. A heater or air conditioner that runs longer than it should will significantly affect the comfort level in your home in Suffolk, VA, so you may notice these temperature swings before you even take a look at your thermostat. Further, if your HVAC system heats or cools your home unnecessarily, your energy bills could spike.

Stubborn Controls

If you have difficulty with adjusting your temperature settings, consider investing in a replacement thermostat. You shouldn’t have to deal with a stubborn or finicky control panel when you want to make your home warmer or cooler. Newer thermostats generally come with user-friendly controls, and you can control smart thermostats with mobile apps or voice commands.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, start thinking about replacing your old HVAC thermostat with a new one. This can make a difference in how comfortable your home feels. Call Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling for assistance with your HVAC thermostat installation in Suffolk, VA.

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