Why is My Heat Pump in Smithfield, VA, Leaking Water?

Heat pumps are a popular choice among residents of Smithfield, VA, because of their dual functionality. However, during our inspections, we usually get complaints about the pumps leaking water inside. Here the most common reasons for a heat pump leaking water:

Drain Issues

By design, heat pumps gather moisture from the air and discard it through the drain system. Dirt, debris or algae buildup clog the drains, causing water to overflow and creating a puddle around the pump. Sometimes, the problem arises when the drain pan is set incorrectly during installation or damaged by rust.

Whereas the heat pump has a mechanism to stop operations after detecting leakages, an immediate response is essential. Our service technicians will inspect and determine whether your drains require cleaning, repairs or replacement.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant allows heat transfers between the heat pump and the surrounding air. When the refrigerant level drops, the temperature on the evaporator coils decreases significantly. Consequently, moisture that forms on the coils freeze and leaks water upon melting.

Damaged coils or loose connector seals are common culprits for refrigerant leakages. Contact us immediately if you hear gurgling sounds and see water puddles around the heat pump. Refrigerant repairs or replacements are sophisticated and require professional help.

Filthy Coils

Optimum humidity reduces heating costs and improves indoor air quality dramatically. For this reason, heat pumps use cold evaporator coils to remove excess moisture from the air. When the coils are dirty, they interfere with the draining process, causing water leakages.

It’s easy to address this problem by scheduling routine maintenance checks. During the maintenance visit, our experts will clean, repair and replace faulty components before issues get out of hand.

Water leaks from the heat pump indicate problems and require immediate attention to continue with proper operations. Contact Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling for heating installations, repairs and replacements.

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