3 Reasons Not to Attempt DIY Heating Repair

The last thing you need during the winter in your Suffolk, Virginia, home is for your heating system to break down. Although you may be a great handyman and able to repair many things around the house, there are certain jobs not meant for DIY. Heating repair work falls into this category. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t attempt DIY heating repair.

Fire Hazard

Many heating systems run on natural gas. They pose the danger of a gas line leak, a short circuit or an overheated unit. Any of these circumstances can ignite a fire or even an explosion in extreme conditions. It’s not worth the risk of attempting to do the repairs yourself. Rather you should call in the professionals who know exactly what to look for when your system isn’t working.

Potential Carbon Monoxide Leak

Carbon monoxide exposure is another potential hazard when trying to fix your heating system without any experience. Improper repairs can damage the ventilation, causing carbon monoxide to escape into living areas of the home. Breathing in this gas can be fatal, especially as it builds up in the home.

Voiding Your Warranty

The other risk of trying to repair the system yourself is the danger of negating your warranty, which doesn’t allow you to do the work yourself. This means that you have to pay the full price for all future repairs. There may also be legal implications, as you don’t have the correct certification for the job. Keep you warranty valid by avoiding DIY heating repair and scheduling a professional to visit your home.

Don’t take a chance. Allow us to repair your faulty heating. Call Atlantic Shores Heating and Cooling at (757) 500-8724. Why not schedule preventative maintenance with us before you have a breakdown? Routine maintenance will save you in the long run and give you peace of mind.

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